About Me

My Background

I’m a California native, and I’ve lived in the Salinas Valley, Central Valley, Bay Area, and now Orange County. Today I’m a mom, wife, consultant, Administrator, writer, reader, traveler, hiker, obsessive organizer, and reluctant gym member. 

My Career

After spending 10 years working in childcare, going from Preschool Teacher to Center Director, I changed paths and moved in to the Technology Industry. That was a big change, but being a Salesforce Administrator is actually just as creative and emotionally rewarding as working in a Preschool (and usually involves less tears and skinned knees.) 

My Philosophy

I enjoy being self employed because I get to work on interesting projects and meet people from all over the world. I especially love using my teaching background to train new users and new Administrators. My work-life balance is great, and I get to show my child that you can do it all: self-employed, small business owner, work from home, and stay-at-home-Mom. 

My Days

Today I spend my time balancing new Salesforce implementations, baseball practices, Salesforce automation projects, and swim lessons, and more. I try to add a healthy dose of reality and humor in my Salesforce projects, by using my background in teaching and human development to understand what users really need to make the most out of their Salesforce org.