Ongoing Administration & Declarative Programming

Create custom fields, page layouts, workflow rules, validation rule, process builder, apps, tabs, etc.

Training & Documentation for Users & Admins

Provide training & documentation, customized to your business needs, for your new users or admins. 

Best Practices

Implement Salesforce recommended best practices, user interface features, customized to your business needs to help you maximize your Salesforce ROI.

Project Management

Work with key stakeholders, run a project end-to-end, working with your team to understand project needs, use cases, and requirements. Implement features and changes in Salesforce, and provide training & end user documentation for the new feature.


 Integrate external third party systems in to Salesforce (HubSpot, Pardot, DiscoverOrg, Outreach, SalesLoft, etc.)

Sandbox & Change Management

Create, manage Salesforce Sandboxes. Provide training & best practices around Sandbox use and Salesforce Change Management.  Implement a custom object to manage all Salesforce changes and enhancements. Allows you to track SF changes long term, and reference the reason for the change, long after the Administrator is gone.

Data Management

Duplicates & deduplication, mass updates, record cleanup, data hygiene, Data Hygiene Dashboard and Administrator Dashboard


Enable and customize Lightning User Interface for your organization. Provide customized Lightning user training for your users.


Install AppExchange apps in your org, provide training on usage and best practices

New Org Implementation

New Salesforce orgs, set up custom objects and fields related to your business, reports & dashboards, feature enablement, install apps from app exchange, provide introductory training to new users & administrators, set up profiles & roles, apps & tabs, Sales lifecycle enablement, set up initial rules & requirements. Implement MyDomain, enable custom duplicate rules.